Travel Forever and Be Back Home Soon...


This wasn't just the title of the critically acclaimed 2010 Sam Robas debut album, but is also the philosophy of a world traveler and songwriter who has "been there, done that, got the T-shirt".


(Photo: Rasmus Bundgaard)


Born and raised in Denmark, and with permanent residence status in five countries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Sam Robas has always been involved with the music scene, working for major record labels and independent releases, playing live or in the studio.


From designing, building and operating a recording studio on a Caribbean island to being a tour guide in Nashville, New Orleans and Memphis, translating books and lecturing about Deep South U.S. history, civil rights, culture and music, Sam Robas has always been writing songs about common life and every day experiences, mixed with hopes and expectations of what's around the next corner.

The Songs, the Band, the Recordings and the Future...


Sam Robas is now writing and recording in his home in Denmark, mixed with spending four to six months a year working and traveling in the US.


The latest album (of course) features the same band as the 2010 debut, with the addition of a few friends.


Per Chr. Frost Palle Hjorth Michael Borup

Guitars Keyboards Bass


Kent Olsen Ulrik Bust Jim Hawkins

Drums/Percussion Saxophone US recordings


Tina Mitchell Wilkins Shawnda Birch Susan Arbuckle

Harmony/Backing Vocals Backing Vocals Backing Vocals


Future plans include the release of a third album, live concerts and, most importantly, hanging out with old and new friends and travel forever and be back home soon... where ever it may be!

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