This album was truly taking the artist to the next level...

The very personal songs, written in hotel rooms and on the road during 3 years of traveling through the states of Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, West Virginia and the Carolinas, combined with contributions from lyricists and personal friends Colin Gage and Kathy Miller, have resulted in a diverse, yet focused album that adds new perspective, but also confirms the depth and quality of Sam Robas' songwriting and performance.

The album also features a co-write with Swedish singer and songwriter living legend Marie Bergman, as well as a song written by former keyboardplayer with The Animals, Alan Price.



Per Chr. Frost: Guitars

Palle Hjorth: Keyboards

Michael Borup: Bass

Kent Olsen: Drums, percussion

Ulrik Bust: Saxophone

Tina Wilkins: Harmony and backing vocals

Shawnda Birch: Backing vocals

Susan Arbuckle: Backing vocals



Mississippi Love Affair

Only One Hank Williams Song Away

Out Past the County Line

The Lake

Damn the Blues

Never Wanna Be

Uncertain Circles


Drinkers Curse


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