Travel Forever and Be Back Home Soon


Travel Forever and Be Back Home Soon

Released in the summer of 2010, the debut album features original songs in a style that can best be described as Americana or folk/rock with a twist.

From coutry-influenced ballads to Southern blues and straight-forward roots rock, the sound remains unique.

The album was recorded in the studio of producer Kent Olsen, and was the beginning of a lasting collaboration, leading to the recording of the 2013 follow-up album.



Michael Borup: Electric and acoustic bass

Per Chr. Frost: Guitars, baritone, lap steel, dobro

Palle Hjorth: Organ, piano, accordion, mellotron

Kent Olsen: Drums, percussion








Lovers' Lane Revisited

Small Town Little Folks' Daughter

The Radio On and The Windows Down

God Loves a Little Tryer

Stop Crying

Sweet Loretta

Ain't Gonna Do It Anymore

The Knife

Dying To Get To Know You

The Next River I Cross


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